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What do you think of these crops

Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by Chris Slade, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    We had some pictures taken about a week ago, I've seen about 40 or so, overall I am happy. Some of the crops seem really tight to me. Is it me, are these too tight or is this what is in right now?

    294513_246542148721268_191109550931195_646728_655820567_n.jpg 302698_246541678721315_191109550931195_646713_179550963_n.jpg
  2. Mike

    Mike Bon Vivant Top Poster

    I like them.

    I especially like the one of the child where the subject is not centered in the image.
  3. Bill Stratton

    Bill Stratton Active Member

    I think they are both cropped well. I'w with Mike, #2 is really good.
  4. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Top Poster Of Month

    I expected pictures of corn and wheat...
  5. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Well if most people think the crops are fine, then I'll live with them. My wife is happy with them as they are.
  6. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    This is my family by the way. I am the least attractive member of the group, I basically ruin a shot just by being in it.
  7. Bill Stratton

    Bill Stratton Active Member

    Ain't it the truth for most of us? Get in there and be yourself. Got to have the whole family in some pics you know!
  8. chad

    chad Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

  9. Jerry Pease

    Jerry Pease New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Beautiful family. Liked the pics.
  10. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    Those are pretty standard crops for a pro. You don't necessarily want to fit ALL of the head in, etc. Too "conventional".
  11. Graeme

    Graeme Active Member War Zone Member

  12. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    I was trying to figure out how to phrase it without sounding like an ass... but yeah, I mean, snapshots have the whole head smack dab in the frame with the person looking straight into the lens... pro portraits don't (and shouldn't).
  13. Paul E. Fox II

    Paul E. Fox II New Member

    Isn't part of that the "rule of 3rds"? I know my graphics guys do some pretty cool stuff without thinking about it and unless I really work at it, my shots look like ass most of the time.

    Those are very nice pictures Chris...
  14. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    Yeah, but a lot of pros are breaking the "rule" of thirds too, because otherwise it becomes too common. Photography is an art, and like all art, the good stuff usually breaks a few "rules".
  15. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Perhaps I tend to lean towards the "rules" a bit too much. I try not to cut of feet etc. likes is done in the first shot. Having said that I don't get to spend too much time with my camera, and am unhappy with 90% of the shots I take.

    I know that this shoot has generated positive comments and the photog has already lined up some additional work based on these pictures. So it seems most people like her style.

    There are a bunch of shots I do like too, which I didn't bother posting.
  16. Barry_NJ

    Barry_NJ Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Both pictures are nice, but if picture #1 is to be enlarged and displayed, it needs a bit of air-brushing. The problem with photographs is that since they are stagnant, every detail becomes noticeable. I don't intend to be rude, and while it's a lovely image over all, in my opinion the woman’s undergarments are a bit too obvious for that image to blown-up, once I noticed them they became distracting from what is an otherwise nice photo.
  17. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    +1. I don't know anything anout photography, but I certainly agree 100% with JP.

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