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    with new toys. So last week I moved up to OLED and 4K. We did not really watch the new TV until Wednesday night for the news. Big problem with lip sync. The cable box updated software the same night the TV was delivered. I tried several things, but the lip sync issue seemed to get worse instead of better. Since DVDs would play great, it had to be the box. Called Time Warner/Spectrum Thursday and set up an appointment for Yesterday.
    Tech came and spent more than two hours . He installed an amplifier on my cable line. He changed our old DVR box for a new one that records on several channels at the same time. he cleaned or replaced all of our cable connections. He fixed the lip sync issue and another one that had disappointed me. Volume. I paid extra for the built in soundbar on that TV, but it always was weak. I had to turn it up to 50 to hear it good and I am not deaf. Now 20 is plenty high enough. I can stop looking at soundbars on Amazon.
    ISF guy comes next month to calibrate it and I hope I am done.
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    I know how you feel. I've had several people over the years threaten to buy me one of these - Asylum Straitjacket
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    I passed over this page thinking it was about Coffee.......

    Glad you got all of those kinks sorted out!

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