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Discussion in 'Forum Software Tips and Tricks' started by CJ, Feb 2, 2017.

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    First, I never have been nor will I ever be super particular about where a thread goes but I cleaned up and merged some forums and moved some threads around. Here's a quick guide for what to post where.

    Home Theater Lounge - Kind of a catch all for movie, music, or home theater related topics that don't specifically fit another category, e.g.:
    • General news about the industry - e.g. new formats or standards, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
    • Actor or actress news
    • General forum announcements
    • Catch all

    Music, Movie and TV lounges - Topics about content go here
    • Movie reviews (or disk reviews if that's your thing, like Blu-Ray picture and sound quality reviews)
    • TV show running thread discussions like "Who's watching West World", etc.
    • What's spinning music threads
    • Concert posts

    Hardware Lounge - Topics about physical equipment
    • Gear acquisition posts (Ahem)
    • Equipment reviews
    • Technical setup or help requests
    • New technology or product sharing (e.g. stuff that came out of CES)

    Smartphones, Computers, Gaming and Networked A/V - I merged smartphones into this existing sub forum
    • Smartphone news, questions and technical help
    • Gaming threads
    • Computer and network help and advice, NAS
    • Network A/V technical discussions. I would personally put a computer, network, storage device hardware post here but put a new Audio streamer post in the Hardware Lounge but I'm not picky.
    • Android vs. Apple pissing matches

    DIY Lounge - Pretty self explanatory. If you're building or making something whether its A/V specific or not, post it here.

    VIP Lounge - Off topic, you know what to do here

    Photography lounge - Thought about merging this with the Picture Show but I view this one as more the art of photography, any subject, camera questions etc.
    Picture show - Pictures of stereo and home theater gear, yours or "gear porn" posts

    War Zone - Political or hot button topics that not everyone may want to see.

    Forum Software Tips & Tricks - Forum announcements, but reporting, "how to" questions about the forum.

    Recycle bin - Test posts and testafae
  2. Barry_NJ

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    So I see that the HD Lounge was removed, and I'm guessing merged into the Movie Lounge(?)
  3. CJ

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    Yes. And then I manually moved a few threads to the hardware lounge but most of the content was movie disc related. NO THREADS were deleted for the record. Everything was merged down.
  4. Barry_NJ

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    Cool, and makes sense. Thanks CJ!
  5. Dan Driscoll

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    Looks good and the changes make sense. :tu:

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