The proliferation of coffee making vaporware

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by CJ, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. CJ

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    I feel like about every week I see some damn crowd funded coffee maker and I've yet to see one that you can just buy. At one point I actually plunked down over $400 for the Spinn before coming to my senses as I saw target delivery dates slip and canned non-responses on their Facebook page. Now they're selling their 3rd batch but its unclear whether the first two have actually been delivered or are just "spoken for". Check - their facebook page hasn't been posted to since July and it was a marketing message directed at roasters trying to get them to come onboard. Most of the responses are people complaining about the lack of an actual product.

    There's also Bonaverde which is supposed to actually be filled with unroasted beans and its supposed to go all the way from roasting to brewed in one cup. No such product yet.

    Auroma looks a lot like a Spinn knock-off. Auroma even calls out the problem directly on their kickstarter page. saying "Fulfilling coffee machine projects seems to have been a huge problem on [the] Kickstarter platform over the past few years..."

    I don't know, I can choose to not participate in any of these shenanigans. I think its especially irksome to me that some of these products genuinely look really cool but its all just bullshit at this point.
  2. DustinDavis

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    Doubt it's unique to that product category. E.g. I see a lot of snore-a-mabobs in my feed. Stop snoring, stop listening to snoring, track your snoring, etc. I don't know how many end up vaporware. I bet a lot just aren't well made or very effective if they make it to market. Chance you take. No way I'm plunking down hundreds of dollars until something's in market. Sorry but business risk is for the business, not the consumer.
  3. CJ

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    Yeah, fair point. I wonder if crowdfunding will eventually die off if enough people get burned.
  4. Mike B

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    I went "all in" and "commit to buy" on an Elio that keeps getting pushed back.

    But I did get a good deal on the Brondell 1400 now washing my backside.

    Coffee machines, meh, I'll stick with the super automatics in production.
  5. Barry_NJ

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    Mr. Coffee has a full line available at most major retailers and e-tailers ;)

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