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Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by capsuleri, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. capsuleri

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    Considering the house carpets steam cleaned. How long does it take to dry? Any pro's and cons I should know about? Any experience with Stanley Steamer company?
  2. Depends on how good of a job they do. Normally it's dry the next morning, is my rule of thumb.

    I had Stanley Steamer out once, but I can't comment on the job they did because they were mostly steaming a couple old rugs. They didn't destroy them.

    I bought a home carpet shampooer and it does a really nice job, if I do a nice job. Takes about a day to move the furniture out of the way, shampoo my main floor carpet, and let it dry overnight.
  3. jasn

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    We've had the rugs in our old house steam cleaned a number of times. Avoided Stanley Steamer for years, thinking they were inferior because they price significantly lower than Mom & Pop shops in our area. Turns out we were wrong...Stanley has the same equipment and cleaning chemicals as all the rest and did just as good a job.

    It really depends on the condition of your carpets and the conscientiousness of person running the machine. If the rugs are really dirty they'll need more time spent on them, so they'll be wetter and need more time to dry. Do a good walk through beforehand so they'll know where you want them to concentrate their effort(s).

    They should move as much furniture as they can and leave them on to Styrofoam or paper squares so the legs don;t leave rust marks.

    Let us know...
  4. Mike B

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    I prefer these guys to all the "steam" (really hot soapy water, not steam) cleaners. Carpet dries much faster as much less water and soap is used.
  5. capsuleri

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    ChemDry is what I got done when I moved into this house before all the furniture got moved in. It does dry in a day, they had to come back the next day to "rake" the carpet to get the nap out.

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