Scientific evidence that social media is a big circle jerk

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by CJ, Sep 7, 2017.

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    And thus the problem is modeled. Now what do we do about it? A) Give everyone guns so they can stand their ground while market forces exert influence. B) Federalize everything and regulate content to ensure a more even distribution of ideology. :cool:
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    C) Stop treating what was the inch between our political parties like its a light year. Unfortunately that gap has legitimately widened but its not as bad as our manipulative politicians try to make us believe. I don't have high hopes that anything will change soon. I'd like to see gerrymandering addressed and ultimately something that would force more of a coalition government where the winning party leads but other key roles are filled proportionately based on votes received.
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    Social media is an echo chamber assisted by certain radio and cable TV channels. The Rs and Ds are moving to the extremes in reaction to each other. Unfortunately many of us are politically dumb (and dumber) and gullible incapable independent thought.. We need a viable sane middle ground third party perhaps with silicon valley deep pockets.
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    I highly recommend this Sam Harris podcast:

    What is technology doing to us?

    Waking Up with Sam Harris by Sam Harris on Apple Podcasts

    What you probably don't even realize is that it is even worse than described. This podcast covers the ethics of large technology companies and the design of their products, and how those designs enable aforementioned echo chamber, and surreptitiously influence the thinking of people every day. Because that keeps you using the product, and that makes them money. And in today's world it is having an incredible influence on our behavior and decision-making.
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    A bit ironic how this is distributed ;)
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