R.I.P. Walter Becker

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    Aja is definitely one of my favorite albums, period. Why was Walter Becker so good? Look who played on the album.

    Walter Becker, Donald Fagen, Steve Gadd, Michael McDonald, Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Wayne Shorter, Chuck Findley, Chuck Rainey, Larry Carlton, Dan Parks, Michael Omaraton, Victor Feldman, Lee Ritenaur. and the list goes on. These were the top studio musicians of the time and are legends. To take all of that fire power and make it sound so seamless and real is rally a testament to Fagen, Becker and Gary Katz.

    I pull this CD out once every few months and just go wow! I don't think there are few today that are even close.
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    I recall sitting down and listening to "Aja" one day and similar to Herbie Hancock's "Bubbles", I asked myself, who is playing the Sax. Wayne Shorter was my first guest, and who appears in the credits, Mr. Shorter Himself. This was the same experience with "Aja". I love going through these "Allstar" lists of older albums.
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    A fellow guitarist said once "if you can play Larry Calrton's solo on Kid Charlemagne, you are a real musician. I cannot figure out the first riff.

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