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    IMG_0655.JPG IMG_0656.JPG Got my new iMac Tuesday. Its a 21.5 inches I bought for the beach house. I just got tired of looking at a 13" Air screen for some reason. Its a 7th gen. 3.4 Ghz quad core i5 processor. Its Retina 4K with 16 GB of Ram, a Radeon Pro 560 card and a 512 GB SSD HD. I will post a pic or two this weekend. I had it shipped to my local Apple store. That was worthwhile. I did not need a reservation and I was assigned a setup specialist to get it up and running. Easy when everything is in the Cloud. They whipped my old 13" Air clean also while I was there since I had sold it to my wife's cousin.
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    Always fun getting a new toy / tool but Apple makes it especially nice.
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    I understand this. Congrats.
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    Pics posted
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    Went for a 4K test drive on new puter at You Tube. Fabulous!!!!!! I am now ready for LG OLED 4K.

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