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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by RJ, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. RJ

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    Anyone have any recommendations for OTA antenna and amps?

    I currently have a WallTenna, and its okay, but I think I need an amp.

    Channel comes in, looks good, but will get blocky and freeze enough to make me want to fix it.

    Antenna repositioning isn't really an option. Will an amp solve my woes, or should I start looking for a different antenna? Currently the antenna is in my garage ~11ft off the ground.
  2. Mike B

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    The best answer is a large high gain (directional) antenna with a rotator at least 10 feet higher than the roof.
  3. RJ

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    If I could, I would. I'm in a condo....that will never fly! I can't wait to get away from an HOA, haha

    Is there such a thing that will multiplex the signals from 2 or more antennas into one output?
  4. Jay Brown

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    Check out Antennaweb.org to see what they recommend for an Antenna.

    I have a Channel Master 4228 Antenna that is mounted in my attic along with a Channel Master CM-7777 Preamp which is mounted to the Mounting pole of the Antenna. The Power supply is behind my system in the living room where a Coax is connected between it and my HD HomeRun Network Tuner.

    There are two versions of the CM7777. The one below has inputs for UHF and VHF signals, while the other model has only one input. If you have VHF High Channels (usually 6-12) then you can use a separate connection to a separate antenna for those signals.

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  5. Phil A

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    Yes follow the prior post link to Antenna Web for your area. I've had lots of experience putting an antenna in an attic and had one put on the roof of one house with a rotator as well.

    Yes - you can multiplex things. I have that now. One station is high VHF. When my house was built, I had them pre-wire and terminate 75 ohm wire in the garage attic and then throw an antenna up there (and I had to tell them they brought the wrong antenna and actually printed out Antenna Web's recommendations and then they called their distributor and got the right one. I went up and labeled everything. I had a problem with the one high VHF channel from time to time and then just bought a high band VHF antenna and a combiner. The UHF antenna they put in was already ampflied with its own built in preamp. So I have something along these lines - Antennas Direct | UHF/ VHF Antenna Combiner

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