Move over OLED? Here comes Laser

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by capsuleri, Sep 6, 2017.

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    There's nothing magical about a laser projector that allows it to make a screen darker than the ambient light falling on it. Your max black level will always be the level of light falling on the screen. Now they mention ambient light rejecting screens, but you can use those with an existing LCD or DLP projector today. It seems like the ultra short throw, allowing the projector to be on a TV stand instead of mounted to the ceiling many feet away, is the big draw here. The laser part is cool but doesn't solve any inherent projector limitation problems.
  3. DYohn

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    Plus, a projector will never replace a display for all uses. For dedicated HT, maybe. But display screens are here to stay as long as people watch TV.
  4. RJ

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    Very nice! I'd be interested in this. I don't have a means of mounting a projector at the moment, so this would be perfect.
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    I have a projector and had an HDMI cable run for it and have a mount. This gives one an option that would appear to be nice. I don't use the main system projector tons. I use the projector in the bedroom more (e.g. Netflix and some TV). If I watch the main system one, it is usually a Blu-Ray or an occasional sporting event. It I ever rotated the main system projector to the bedroom (the main system projector is better), it is certainly something that would look better in the room. If I had a TV go in a spare room, I'd take my 55 inch UHD set and movie it there and getting a bigger TV for that room (and I'm only 7 feet from the screen). I don't see myself looking at a 4K projector anywhere in the near term.
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    Not enough information on the BGR story, it does not say if it's 4K. I'd like read a few reviews first. If the thing starts up as easy as a display and only need a photo grey painted wall then it might compete well with the 75inch OLED at today's prices.
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    This interests me, I rarely use the TV but want it to be big and nice when I do. I currently have a 65 plasma. I could fairly easily install a projector in my room, my wife might like the idea of not having a TV on the wall. She certainly won't want a bigger set on the wall. But with this I would be the big picture without the big set on the wall. Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me if the picture quality is decent.
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    All good points. However I do note the raw lumen output on this one is 4000. I think my projector is like 650 on a good day. So for mine there is no question of the need for total light control but maybe theirs will work in more environments.
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    My PJ is in the 3-4k lumen output and its an Epson HT projector so that is color output vs. pure white that some manufacturers use to pump up that spec. That said, you can't defy physics. If the screen isn't black to start with, no projector is going to darken it to give you black.

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