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Mini Logan Theater

Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by Andrew Pratt, May 15, 2010.

  1. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Active Member Top Poster

    After 15 years of lusting I finally gave in a bought a pair of MartinLogan Aerius i's with brand new upgraded stat panels. They replaced a set of Anthony Gallo A'Diva Ti's and while the gallos are exceptional small speakers these are in another league...obviously. Anyway spent the latter part of this week getting them installed and hiding wires etc so its nice and clean. All the AV gear is downstairs hidden out of sight and the white wall switch behind the left speaker is the Xantech IR repeater sensor. The sub's in the corner...a DIY 3 Cubic Foot sealed Adire Tumult unit that has lived though more system changes then I care to recall. Its a beast :D

    Up next will be a logan center speaker...but even in phantom mode they blend together really well.

    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2010
  2. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    That looks really clean. I bet it sounds great too.
  3. chad

    chad Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

  4. murrayb

    murrayb Active Member War Zone Member

    Very nice. Hope it sounds as good as it looks.
  5. Tom R S 4

    Tom R S 4 New Member War Zone Member

    Looks great Andrew! :tu:
  6. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Active Member Top Poster

    Posted new higher resolution pics...subwoofer shot is awful but I'll fix that later.
  7. Zak

    Zak Active Member War Zone Member

    I housesat for a coworker a few years ago who had Logans. Damn those things sounded amazing. Odd sweet spot though in his house but when you were in the spot it was out of this world.

    Setup looks great Andrew!!!
  8. Bill Stratton

    Bill Stratton Active Member

    Super-clean look! I love it. I've never heard Maggies in a real room. I'd like to someday.

    OOPS, MLs, not Maggies!
    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2010
  9. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Active Member Top Poster

    Bill these aren't Maggies...I've owned magnepan's before and they're amazing as well...though they tend to be even larger in size...its tough enough to convince the Dept of Interior that these aren't ugly monoliths as it is :)

    FYI we moved into this house last July...this is a snap shot I took on our first look at the place....its change a little since then :D

    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2010
  10. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Very nice Andrew. Love the looks. I am officially Jealous but happy for you.
  11. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Active Member Top Poster

    i need to take an updated picture as i added a logan center channel speaker yesterday. Maybe this weekend i'll get round to it as i'm crazy busy at the moment playing / setting up / calibrating other peoples systems.
  12. Seth70

    Seth70 New Member


    That is a sweet setup!! I also use ML Aerius i's in my system (L/R surrounds) and I love them. Congrats on the new speakers (including the ML center)!:) Looking forward to seeing the updated pics.

  13. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Active Member Top Poster

    I was using a Harmony 880 with a Xantech IR repeater but since installing the Logan's the IR sensor on the wall was partially blocked so I switched out the 880 for the RF based 890 which means I have a whole in the wall to patch. I've started doing that but it'll take some time to dry and repaint.

    The center I got was the MartinLogan Encore which is being blown out at a ridiculous $199 online ($499 list). These use regular woofers and a BG based tweeter that sounds really nice. A full set of these Encores would make an awesome budget HT system.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2010
  14. Brian Bunge

    Brian Bunge Active Member War Zone Member

    Are you still using these? Do you still love them as much as when you got them? I'm seriously considering a pair of ESL's!
  15. Andrew Pratt

    Andrew Pratt Active Member Top Poster

    No I'm not still using them. With two young kids I found I just didn't have the time to sit down and listen to music any longer and these were really purchased with that in mind. Also I found my Marantz receiver couldn't really power them as it would shut down if I turned up the volume so I was faced with spending more on a new amp or downsizing to something more approp for my listening habits. I still love ML's sound and consider them either the best or second best sounding speaker I've owned (Usher towers were the other) and I know my friend that bought them from me still raves about them.
  16. Brian Bunge

    Brian Bunge Active Member War Zone Member

    Well that sucks. I can assure you if I pick up a pair of the ESL's that they will get daily use both for HT and for music. Thanks for the info!

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