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Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by Chris Smith, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Chris Smith

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    New Jersey is a small state, but very diverse with major differences between areas. And I know that there's a few NJ members here, so I thought you might like these maps of NJ that a friend of mine posted on FB.

    My favorite is the "Claims Central Jersey" exists map.

    Maps of NJ.jpg
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  3. John Celardo

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    HA! The descriptions made me laugh out-loud. I'm an immigrant from Staten Island, but after 30+ years I'm now Joisey. Thanks for posting
  4. Jay Brown

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    Spot on!!!!! I will say this, I grew up on the Jersey Shore in Ocean county and we would always fly out from Newark Airport, so the Garden State Parkway was really the only "fast moving" highway I saw until I saw the turnpike in North Jersey. When my brother was stationed in Aberdeen, Maryland in the 80s, this is where I discovered "the other side" of Jersey, along with the Turnpike and 295. Knowing how many times we took trips to Philly, I never paid attention to the highways until those trips to Maryland. The western part of New Jersey was a totally different planet to me.
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    funny indeed

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