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Discussion in 'DIY Lounge' started by Dustin B, May 28, 2017.

  1. Chris Slade

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    Jesus, I am embarrassed to post a picture to the drawers of my tools. Maybe I'll do it for a laugh. I bought a bunch of NewAge Pro cabinets etc. last year. It is nice looking stuff, by the stuff did not help me get organized.
  2. Chris Slade

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    Jeff to you clean your tools before you put them away? They seem pretty damn clean for a guy who does the kind of stuff I think you do.
  3. JeffC

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    Yes, I wipe my tools down before they go into the box. I use CRC Ultra Lite 3-36 and a shop rag. If I don't have that I use WD-40. But, I try to keep the CRC around. The set on the bottom right is new. They others are much older. And those are all SAE. My metric stuff is a drawer down.
  4. Mike B

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    Those knives that have been sitting there for years gathering dust now have a cover;


    Took me hours. Cut the foam (2 pieces) marked but couldn't see the line so I held each one and cut around it with the small blade. Found out that neither rubber cement or low VOC contact cement would stick, but the good old fashioned (highly flammable) stuff did. Set in and dug more until the cover just had a little resistance. Beveled the top. Then went outside and glued the bottom layer in and the then the top layer. But I am done and the collection looks good;


    The foam is good and cuts clean. Their markers ain't worth crap, but their knife is good.

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  5. CJ

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    Now you can never buy another knife...

    I was maybe up for something like this until Mike described the process... no thanks.
  6. Dustin B

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    I personally wouldn't use it for display cases unless I was going to glue a nicer fabric on top. For organizing tools of any sort it is pretty awesome though. You won't do a whole tool chest in a hour. But depending on how anal you are about how well things fit it doesn't take that long.

    Took me a little over 3 hours to do that whole tool box. Having a better marking pen and the right glue and a better knife for the double thickness part I could likely cut that down to two and half. I found everything but the remote easy and very satisfying as I went. Bad knife and dealing with two layers at once were both solvable issues for the next time around.
  7. Mike B

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    I thought it worked well. Certainly better than me going at that soft foam with a fillet knife which was what I was thinking and dreading. That thin blade knife turns corners well.

    The foam cuts clean and easy and that is the important part. And good old fashioned stinks bad contact cement works great. I'm not worried about the whole thing falling to bits if I mount it vertical on a wall.

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