Jello Biafra on seeing the Ramones

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    “In March of ’77 me and Joseph Pope when down and saw the Ramones,” Biafra says. “They were opening for an FM rock band at Ebbet’s field. That band was Nite City with Ray Manzarek and Nigel Harrison of Blondie pre-Blondie. The Ramones were opening. Boulder was ground zero testing for what they were going to try to make the next Eagles. Because it was a testing ground, all the music execs and cocaine cowboys were out there to see Nite City.”

    “Out comes four degenerate looking guys in leather jackets. One chord from Johnny’s guitar and you knew it was going to be way fucking louder than you thought it was going to be and then they just ripped into the Ramones set. Leave Home had just come out so they did the first two albums… probably in a fraction of the time it takes to listen to them on vinyl. Not only were they just tearing our heads off, I couldn’t resist looking back from time to time at all the other people at the tables- all these people with Kenny Loggins hair and neatly trimmed beards and corduroy suit jackets and women with freshly done ‘20s hair and flowers in it. And their mouths were hanging open like 'What the fuck?'”

    “Not only were they so powerful, but another thing was how simple they were. 'This singer has one or two moves max… even I could do that! Whoa… maybe I should…’ And the gears began to turn. The Ramones were very friendly. I never knew you could talk to a rock star before because all I had been to was arena shows. I think they knew they were ambassadors everywhere they went. They were planting seeds to jump-start an entre new generation of talent and musicians. People from that show would go on to form the Dead Kennedys, Velvet Monkeys Angst, the Wax Trax label people. Al Jourgensen claims he was there, but none of us knew him. We were the Ramones fans in the front row- all twelve of us.”
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    I just returned to the bay area
    back in was quite a time.
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