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Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Steve Wright, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright Active Member War Zone Member

    Didn’t see a thread on this one but the movie definitely deserves one. An instant classic! In my mind the Best Stephen King horror adaptation. This is not one for the kids. It was intense but also filled with heart and humor. Sometimes you walk into a movie and your expectations are met. It’s a thrill when they are surpassed. See It on a big screen with big sound. Outstanding!
  2. JeffC

    JeffC Active Member War Zone Member

    Wow, you liked it way more than I did. I would probably place it fourth behind The Shining, Carrie, and Misery. It's not really much of a horror movie. It's a jump scare movie based around a good group of kid actors and characters. I was checking the clock about 45 minutes in.

    It's probably been about 25 years since I read the book and I remembered it much more fondly than the movie represented.
  3. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright Active Member War Zone Member

    I would say it is definitely in the same league as The Dead Zone, The Shining and Carrie as far as Stephen King supernatural movies. It might even be my favorite. It takes the best of Stand By Me and introduces the supernatural element, but is very similar to that film. The strength of the movie is that I am left thinking about the characters. What they each had to overcome in their personal lives, how the events of this film will affect them in the next movie, how they interacted with each other. The script was smart and each kid felt genuine. With the exception of some of the cars, the director captured the period perfectly while avoiding the crutch of quick cutting.

    I went in expecting a run of the mill horror movie but got much more. I read the book in 87 so most of it is forgotten. I was happy to take the movie on its own terms.
  4. JeffC

    JeffC Active Member War Zone Member

    That's a solid comparison. It did have that feel.
  5. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    I'd like to see this one in theaters.
  6. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright Active Member War Zone Member

    It works very well on a big screen and I'm glad I saw it that way first.
  7. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

  8. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright Active Member War Zone Member

    Good review. I'd take issue with a point or two, but not without getting into spoiler territory. I'll wait until more people see this to discuss the finer points. ;)
    jasn likes this.
  9. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Don't we still have a Hidden text for Spoiler alert?
  10. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member


  11. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    My wife and I saw it last night, both walked out completely disappointed. It's a mash up of Stranger Things and The Goonies. Not a single scare, the humor was forced and just plain out of place and not funny. The clown was goofy and some of the CGI was terrible. Not sure how this is getting such great reviews. Same thing happened with It Follows. It got excellent reviews and was a complete borefest of a film.

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