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    Hello all my name is Guy I'm new to the av experience. I have just recently purchesed the anthem mrx 1120, SVS Ultra towers and center. 2 golden ear superstat 3 in the rear SVS pc-2000 cylender sub. lg oled 65g6p but returning it for the Sony z9d not a fan. oppo ump-203 and thats about it. Trying to figure out what other people have and if I'm making the right decisions. My last system was the Bose if you can even call that a system.
    Trying to ge a better understand of the whole experience and help is much appreciated. Hope all is well and am looking forward to speaking with all..
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    Welcome Guy.

    It definitely looks like you're on the right track. I think there are really two keys... 1) Buy quality gear so you're not dealing with frustrating issues due to poor design or quality and 2) Buy what sounds good to you. Audio in particular is subjective and prone to variations in taste. I think you've got some good equipment there. Getting it all integrated will take some work but we're happy to answer questions. The Anthem allows setting various crossover channels so you're going to want your SVS speakers playing a bit lower than the GoldenEar which will need crossed over as high as 120Hz. Or go with what ARC says. I've found it to be pretty reliable.

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