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    *** from a PS audio BLOG***

    Oh yeah….one more very interesting fact about the astonishing changing music business of 1967:

    The biggest selling act of the year (both here and the UK ) was not the Beatles. In fact, although Sgt. Pepper held down the number one position in the US for 15 weeks, there was another band who held the number one position for almost all of the remaining (30 out of the remaining 37) weeks-and they did it with not one, not two, not three but a staggering 4 albums at number one for the 1967!

    And that band was…the envelope please…

    The Monkees!!

    Ok… now back to the serious stuff….

    I still own all of the following albums. They mattered that much to me!
    So now, let us look at what the rock gods gave us, along with Sgt. Pepper that year with actual release dates (or months):

    January 4th: The Doors: The Doors (debut album).
    January 20th: The Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons. The first of 2 releases in 1967.
    February: The Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow.
    February 6th: The Byrds: Younger Than Yesterday.
    March 12th: The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are You Experienced.
    March: The Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead (debut album).
    March 10th: Cat Stevens: Matthew & Son (debut album).
    May 11th: Country Joe & the Fish: Electric Music For the Mind & Body ( debut album).
    June 2nd: The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The first of 2 releases in 1967.
    June 6th: Moby Grape: Moby Grape (debut album).
    August 5th: The Pink Floyd: Piper At the Gates of Dawn (debut album).
    August 28th: Stevie Wonder: I Was Made To Love Her.
    September: Procol Harum: Whiter Shade of Pale (debut album).
    September: Chuck Berry: Live at Fillmore Auditorium (with The Steve Miller Blues Band).
    September 15th: The Kinks: Something Else.
    November: Love: Forever Changes.
    November 2nd: Cream: Disraeli Gears.
    November 18th: The Buffalo Springfield: Buffalo Springfield Again.
    November 27th: The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour. 2nd release this year.
    December 8th: The Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request. 2nd release this year.
    December 8th: Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy (debut album).
    December 15th: The Who: The Who Sell Out.
    December 27th: Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding.

    The Beatles, Stones, Who, Dylan, Cream, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Dead, The Airplane, Cat Stevens, Traffic…….
    The mind boggles…
    They came, they stayed, they grew, they became the soundtrack of our lives.
    There really is nothing left to say except…Have a great summer!
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    I have them all except the Byrds and Pink Floyd. And I have one of The Monkees' albums from 67...
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    I have most of those. A few are my real favorites.
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    I have two. :(
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    Probably just means you are young:)
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    Remember the summer of love? Me neither.

    Great music.
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    I remember it, but somehow I didn't get to participate! :confused:
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    Which reminds me of the old Joke
    Summer of 69-Boy was my tongue tired

    Continuing on with MUSIC of the times!
    From an old Record magazine listing releases:
    It dealt solely with the four-month period of September-December 1969 – the 1960s’ adieu.

    Primarily in order of their release, record buyers were offered for the Christmas season Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On, Janis Joplin’s I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!, the Band’s eponymous second LP, the Beatles’ Abbey Road, Steve Miller Band’s Brave New World, Arthur from the Kinks, Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats, Elvis Presley’s From Memphis To Vegas, Led Zeppelin 2, Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma, Johnny Winter’s Second Winter, Pentangle’s Basket Of Light and Spirit’s Clear.

    Now add to the above Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Willie and the Poor Boys, the Byrds’ Ballad Of Easy Rider, the Grateful Dead’s Live Dead, the Moody Blues’ To Our Children’s, Children’s Children, Tim Buckley’s Blue Afternoon, John Mayall’s Turning Point, Jefferson Airplane’s Volunteers, the Rolling Stones’ Let it Bleed, Blood Sweat and Tears’ and Grand Funk Railroad’s eponymous second LPs and Fairport Convention’s Liege And Lief.

    Augmenting the above, and proving what an unrepeatable and rich period it was, the debut albums from Mott the Hoople, King Crimson, the Allman Brothers Band, Rod Stewart and the James Gang were also released that season. Genres ranged from country rock to psychedelic to blues to heavy metal to UK and US folk.
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    I wan't born yet so I don't know what you old dudes are talking about.
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    Yup, I remember all that stuff. And living in Detroit, I got all the Motown too - :)

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