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Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by John mark, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. John mark

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    Thought Id share something about myself as well as ask a question. I have been using hearing aids since 2012. I feel they are helpful. I can listen to music/movies at lower volumes. This is beneficial as Im primary caregiver for my mother and she can sleep and I can listen without waking her up.

    Does anyone else use hearing aids? If yes then what brand and type?

    Don't get me wrong Im not deaf, but they do enhance MY listening.

  2. CJ

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    No hearing aids here. My dad wears them and is very hard of hearing from all of the farm implement noise over the years. I'm pretty careful with my ears....
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  3. capsuleri

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    Reading aids but NO hearing aids. Most of the time my listening is well below 60dB at my listening position about 9ft from the speakers.

    By the way, most hearing aids operate in the mid range (voice range). Also, generally audiologic (hearing) test at the doctors office is for the mid range 250-8000Hz.
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  4. Denton

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    A friend of mine just added hearing aids. He is a musician who has worked professionally for ~50 years. He also worked as a dentist for ~30 years. Both of these activities are associated with hearing loss.
    His new aids are designed with adjustable EQ and other settings. My friend is thrilled to hear some sparkle in his music again. He tells me that the devices he purchased are a notch below top of the line. He is considering going with the top model.
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  5. John mark

    John mark Member

    Hi guys
    Working in a casino has definitely taxed my ears. My aids surprisingly sound natural. I have paid enough for them but worth it. They are Phonak's. I also used a brand called Starkey.

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. Dan Driscoll

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    No. I learned early in the Infantry School to protect my hearing and have always worn ear protection when and where it was appropriate. I also keep my headphone listening to a minimum and haven't worn earbuds for years.
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  7. John mark

    John mark Member

    Hi Dan
    Unfortunately I didn't protect my ears early on and I now work in a casino. But the hearing aids do help. They actually are a blessing in disguise as I can listen to my system at low volumes


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