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    More details come to light about the firing of the co-directors last week or the week before.
    'Star Wars' Firing Reveals a Disturbance in the Franchise
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    Thanks for sharing
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    The trailer looks decent. Not sure just yet..im hoping it's Rogue One good...

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    I'll be honest, considering how short-noticed this teaser was, I actually thought they were going to use digitized younger Han and Lando images, similar to how Tarken and Leia were portrayed in Rogue One. It's not a perfect tech by a long shot but considering we are usually presented with a Star Wars trailer a year before the film is released, behind the scenes issues and all, the thought of perfecting the characters in this manner would take a lot of time and they wanted something presentable for the public.

    It's just a teaser, but it looked good to me.

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