Guy on Reddit does detail measurement of Apple Homepod

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by CJ, Feb 11, 2018.

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  2. Carl V

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    I read another story with a similar result...
  3. DustinDavis

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    I don't know anyone interested in this over an Echo. Seems to me this is missing the market. It's got an audiophile sales pitch when that's not what people want.
  4. DYohn

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    Impressive results, and a well described test methodology (as opposed to most Internet "tests")
  5. jasn

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    Sound quality makes this very intriguing, but I am also reading that the Siri AI hasn't wowed many. Upgrades can solve that problem, I know, so this will keep me on the fence for awhile.
  6. DYohn

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    If it was just a streamer I might check it out. But since it relies on Siri, no thanks.
  7. Denton

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    Dropping off topic (as usual), I fear finding myself saying "Siri, play 'Eve of Destruction' " over and over.
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  8. Phil A

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    If one wanted a streamer, there is stuff like - OPPO Digital - Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Players - Buy Direct from the Manufacturer

    If it did DSD files (it does up to 24/192) like the Oppo players, I might buy one as it would be easy enough to use my NAS (I have a hard drive on my old BDP-93 in a guest room without DSD files) like I do when I play music outside from my Oppo 103D reading off my NAS with the Oppo App
  9. CJ

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    Its a smart speaker that sounds good. Sadly that does probably miss the market. Echo's are way cheaper and sound like it.

    There are rumors that major improvements are coming to Siri. Last fall, Siri moved from Eddy Cue under Craig Federighi and rumors are that they're making headway.

    For people concerned about privacy, I'm not saying give up, but I assure you your phone is not only tracking everything you do already but also, still listening to you.
  10. Carl V

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    I posted a link to the privacy issue in the other echo link where David expressed concerns.

    Can't find that link now of course.
  11. Chris Smith

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    The HomePod looks like a really amazing piece of hardware. And I can see no future where I'd spend that sort of money for one.

    I just don't listen to music on a device like that anywhere near often enough to justify it's price for me. For what I really want from a smart speaker, the "privacy killing" always on, always listening features that I can just use in any room in my house that has one is way more important, and Amazon already won that space with their price and features. It'll be interesting to see if Google Home can make a come-back, their advertising is very strong right now and apparently they were everywhere at CES.

    If someone was in the market for a Sonos type speaker and was going to spend that type of money on a speaker for streaming music without a receiver/etc, AND if they're an Apple user, then the HomePod should be in the discussion. But that's a very small market, I think.
  12. Phil Rose

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  13. CJ

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    This is me to a certain extent. The problem is they are SO FUCKING late to market. I already own two Sonos speaker and a Sonos amp for my patio speakers. And I own three Echos because they are cheap and I'm not buying a Sonos (let alone a Home Pod) for my kids. So I already have two incompatible systems. Apple doesn't solve that problem. They don't make an outdoor home pod, etc. So I'm a potential buyer but I'm not buying into a third "smart speaker" / whole home audio system. If they made a Home Pod Mini for $99 and a homepod amp (BYO speakers) I'd probably convert.
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  14. Steve Wright

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    I did pick up the HomePod and I can say that I like it. The sound is good. Very good. At least for its intended purpose. It sits on the counter between my kitchen and great room so I can control the lights on my main floor and casually listen to music while working at the table or sitting on the couch without the TV and Soundbar on. Bass is certainly full and tight, and the mids could be a bit better but overall I find this to be a somewhat neutral speaker.

    I will say this. I don't care what the measurements say, it is not THAT good of a speaker. It is certainly omni-directional, filling a room(s) with sound, and sounds better as you move away from it. I am not invested with Alexa and am more tied into Homekit so getting an Apple smart speaker made sense. Siri is still infuriating at times when not able to recognize certain Apple Music radio stations, artists or albums. A plus is also the strength of the microphones as I really can speak my commands over music without the need to shout.

    Would I get more than one? Not now. I have a Libratone Zipp which will be Airplay 2 ready at some point and I would argue sounds more lively than the HomePod. Will HomePod improve? Most likely as any shortcomings are clearly software/Siri related. I'd love to see 3rd Party Siri enabled speakers in the future.
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