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    I picked up a second generation Eero 2 router kit today. Eero is one of of a number of a new breed of mesh routers (Orbi, Amplifi, etc.) that are designed to be used in a set. Typically they're bundled in threes but you can special order two on Amazon or directly from Eero. There's no real advantage to just using one unit to be honest.

    The main idea is the newer technology allows multiple access points that don't cut your wireless bandwidth for each repeater like traditional repeaters / extenders usually do. Some do this by using a totally separate bandwidth for the backhaul communication between access points. Eero actually doesn't do this but it won several shootouts on a combination of speed and features.

    One thing I like is its management control panel is in the cloud, meaning you can access it from anywhere without setting up port forwarding or trying to publicly expose your router's control panel yourself without necessarily understanding the security.

    Another thing that is kind of cool is the new v.2 has a smaller satellite AP that plugs directly into a wall outlet and even sports an ambient light sensing LED nightlight.

    The problem I was really trying to solve was not really of overall speed but rather of range, and consistency. Wi-Fi on the upper floor was always spotty. I'd tried repeaters before but it seemed like devices often had trouble switching and I'd be on the basement router in my bedroom and then stay on the bedroom router while in the basement in the home theater. Maddening. I also was constantly doing the device reboot shuffle. Reboot the router, no, reboot the Apple TV, no disconnect the iPhone from Wi-Fi and reconnect etc. This was especially true at the periphery of the range of the old router.

    I'll let you know how it works over time. At $400 for three routers it wasn't cheap, though nor was it terribly more expensive than a good router and two repeaters from any other brand.
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    I installed a Linksys Velop system a couple of months back and now enjoy consistently great signal strength and throughput anywhere in the house and backyard. I had read a few reviews and, based on them, chose the Linksys. I expect you'll really enjoy your Eero 2 system.

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