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    Threads that are at all "political" belong in The War Zone. And, when I say political, I don't just mean directly related to US politics. The point of The War Zone is to keep potentially contentious, potentially partisan topics out of the general forums.

    If you are not a member just PM me and it is a simple checkbox in your profile. These threads do not belong in the VIP Lounge or The Private Lounge.

    The VIP Lounge is for NON-POLITICAL off-topic threads.

    The Private Lounge is for members with a long post history (I won't disclose exactly how many posts but it is fairly significant) to post things that they might otherwise not publicly disclose such as personal family matters, job related items, where they live, etc. That does NOT include political opinions. Note that outside of references such as this thread, members who have not met the criteria cannot even see The Private Lounge, cannot see any thread titles, nothing.
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    A nice feature - Thanks for all you do!
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