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    Some of you may recall that a while back I had a plug-in that re-wrote Amazon links to include the HTL affiliate ID. When we started creating server load issues I upgraded from vBulletin 3.x to 4.x. This resolved the server load issues but some of the previous plugins I had no longer worked. I had considered installing some of the newer plugins that parse links out for affiliate programs but the only hold back is that many affiliate programs wouldn't accept a site with as little traffic as HTL has. In the meantime, new services have sprung up that act as a middle man between smaller sites and big vendors like Amazon (which still takes any size site) and others who don't like, NewEgg, and even iTunes. Today I bit the bullet and signed up for a service called VigLink and installed the plug in. What does this mean?

    1) There's no real change from your point of view. It works the same as the Amazon program, but for additional vendors. I have read VigLinks privacy policy and you can read it here ( VigLink does not insert itself into the transaction with you and the vendor and does not have any information about you or what you buy. Similar to the current Amazon program all the data is aggregated. Amazon knows about you but I do not. Similarly, VigLink will not know about you.

    2) VigLink takes a 25% cut. That's fine and dandy for Target and NewEgg where I would get nothing now. For Amazon, if you could either still use the banner adds, or better yet, those dedicated people who have set a bookmark to will bypass VigLink and HTL will get 100% credit.

    3) VigLink does 2 things. The first is link affiliation. So if someone posts a link to a product at NewEgg, it will parse it on the fly and affiliate it to HTL. The second is link inserstion. Where VigLink will turn words which weren't originally links into links. That second feature can be disabled but I'd like to see how "bad" it is before I turn it off.

    4) This is a trial in my mind at this point. If it becomes intrusive (the link inserstion) or causes problems it will go away.

    Please post any feedback, questions, or concerns in this thread.
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  2. Dan Driscoll

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    I posted a TigerDirect link in the Computer lounge yesterday, did VigLink properly parse it?
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    I think is a VigLink partner but not But its not a big deal. It's an attempt to add to Amazon, but as with the past, I appreciate any and all support greatly but do not expect people to jump through hoops. Just keep doing what you're already doing.
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    I'm bumping this because I've seen a couple questions about the link conversions. Is anyone at a point where they would like the "link insertion" part turned off?
  5. Bill Stratton

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    I say if the link insertion has the potential for more HTL revenue, then by all means leave it! I see the same thing other places, so why not here?
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    The link insertion does not bother me.

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    I, for one, welcome our revenue generating overlords.
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    This seems to be the only explination of the Affiliate forum. I am trying to understand, if I click the link that takes me there from the forum we would get 75% value as an affiliate, but if I click the link in this thread we would get 100%? I am about to plunk down the 600 for an oppo 103D, so I figure I would need to get this right.
  10. CJ

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    Yeah, I get a little more if you go directly to Amazon from one of the banner ads than if you hit an embedded link created by Viglink.

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