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    About a year ago we decided to retire from the Army and settle in our current area. It's a good location in the middle of Texas. We're an hour north of Austin and both our families and Aggie football are within a 2 hour drive. So we started looking for a house. One of the key pieces was a media room. I told my wife a year ago she could have any house she wanted as long as it had a dedicated media room (and not a converted bedroom). Basements are a no-go here-- everything is slab construction --so there just aren't that many houses below millionaire level where you find acceptable media rooms. After looking at hundreds of houses, we decided to build. I had no idea the process would be as stressful as it turned out. I had to visit the jobsite 2 or 3 times a day just to ward off screw-ups by whatever trades showed up that day.

    Which segways to the reason this forum exists: the media room. We built our house on a ridge overlooking a lake, so we decided to combine the 2nd floor media room with a bar and a walk-out terrace. Our builder was extremely averse to doing anything structurally 'cool' (HT-wise), but I was able to con the electrician with beer and get them to run some in-wall wire and set up a gear closet. The HVAC guys did us a solid and vented the closet into the return air box. The room itself will house two separate systems: the 7.1 HT and a 2-channel tube system.
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    A few of you will recognize the tube amps. They're Artie's. He sold them to me around 2007 and I didn't have the room to unbox them until now. They'll sit in a cabinet with the tube preamp, turntable, DAC, phono stage, etc... Those will live below the center channel and what will be a motorized drop-down screen. The TV on the wall is for daytime viewing. There's a lot of glass on the for the terrace spewing tons of daylight. Eventually I'll replace the cheap 42" LCD with a 65" 4K.
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    The priority for now is projector and screen (affordable screen suggestions appreciated!). After that we begin work on the room, paint and panels, then on to a motorized drape over the French doors and windows. The chairs are courtesy my brother-in-law's former theater. They've been sitting in air conditioned mothballs for four years and he let me have them for free. They're in excellent conditions and I have a 4th chair, but it's going to sit out until it has some repairs.
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    That's it for now. I'll update as we move in stages and get the place cleaned up.. and the bar stocked.

    And... photo hosting. Haven't played with that in a while. Anyone recommend a good site?

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    Congrats on your retirement, and on the house!

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