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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by CJ, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Massdrop really knows how to tempt you. After really having a great experience with the Aeon purchase a saw in their daily email digest that they had the AKG 7XX for $200. These are Massdrop spec'd AKG 702 special editions. So I bought a pair. I figured they'd give me some variety from the Aeons given they are open back and dynamic driver.

    They came yesterday and while they're not broken in yet they're a fun alternative. As I said, they're open back and dynamic driver but still easily driven. In fact I've run both headphones off my iPhone and my initial impression is that the AKGs lose less when run off my iPhone than the Aeons do. Sound is open and the bass is actually a bit heavier but clearly less articulate. In fact they're not as detailed overall as the Aeon so no buyers remorse there. The Aeons are clearly more neutral and detailed overall.

    They are super lightweight. That said I may need to manually break in the headband a bit as they can still hot spot a bit after an hour. In fact, the other big difference that may not be a huge surprise is just overall build quality. The AKGs feel plasticky and there is in fact just a lot more lightweight plastic. I can't decide if the headband is leather "grained" vinyl. If it is leather, I guess that says a lot because its not clear it is real leather.

    Just having fun with the headphone rig again.
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    AKG and Sony used to make my two favorite sounding headphones. Nice grab!
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    What models were your favs?
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    I used to own a set of AKG 240's and a set of Sony MDR-900's that I loved.
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    I have a delightful pair of AKG 702s made in Austria with a Wywires Red cord on them. I sometimes think they are better than my Senn HD 600s.
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    Oh, cj was only talking about headphones
    ...that topic line was misleading:rolleyes:
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