320kb vs 128kb internet stations

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by capsuleri, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. capsuleri

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    In my system Marantz 6010, Lexicon NT (rebadged Bryston 4B ST), Magnepan 1.6 the 320kb stations sound dry but better separation to my ears. The same is my other system Marantz 5007 and Boston Acoustic Soundware system. Wonder why?
  2. Phil A

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    I always go for the higher bit rate. I don't listen to internet radio often. Mostly outside fed by the bedroom system which currently is an Onkyo 1008. I do have internet radio in my Lumin App for the main system but it is rare that I listen to it there. Just did it to have them. I have a Marantz 5010 in another system but have not done internet radio. It is used mainly for UHD discs and sometimes for Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  3. capsuleri

    capsuleri Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    I tend to listen to the internet jazz stations mostly as background and actually listen to certain programs, gives me a chance to discover new recordings and talents. WRTI jazz channel for example has a hot 11 count down program every Monday at 10.30pm EST or KCSM Amrican Jazz countdown at 3.00pm EST on Sunday.
  4. DYohn

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    I sometimes listen to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame channel from Sirius/XM via internet streaming. They advertise "CD quality at 128Kbps!" Ha. It is fine for background noise.
  5. Phil A

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    My first try at a CD quality music server was a Western Digital offering that advertised Windows Media Audio compatible. It wasn't exactly true. I had a Zune player for the car at the time and took about a year ripping about 4,200 songs to WMA. Then I looked in the box and they gave you conversion software to convert it to MP3s. Converted it at 320kbps but would only play back at 128. I took it upstairs to my main system at the time which had a Bryston BDA-1 DAC. I listened to half of one song and about a quarter of two more and put it away. A friend come over and asked what it was and I gave it to him.
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